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Friday Harbor House reconstruction plans need a few modifications of town code

On July 18, 2024, the Town of Friday Harbor will hold a continued public hearing about Friday Harbor's House's request for a development agreement for commercial development and public access benefits.

View from Front Street

The agreement is necessary for the hotel's reconstruction of the hotel at 28 West Street and expansion onto 175 Front Street for construction of a parking garage and additional guest rooms.

The entrance to the two-story parking garage is shown. 



The full staff report is posted on the Town's website. Numerous images of the proposed hotel renovations presented to the Town's Historic Preservation Commission are posted here.

The July 18 public hearing will be focused on the development agreement not the hotel's design.

Staff report: In summary, the applicant is proposing to deviate from development standards for the following items:

FHMC 17.32.040 Lot Coverage – Lot Coverage in the downtown core is 100%. The View Protection Overlay District (VPOD) modifies that lot coverage to a maximum lot coverage of 60 percent. The proposal seeks approval of 72.9% for the portion of the property within the VPOD. The total site lot coverage is 59.9%.

FHMC 17.32.050 Yards – There are zero-yard requirements in the Downtown Core. In the VPOD a minimum of a 10-foot side yard setback is required. The applicant has requested a 3’ encroachment into the side yard in the form of a building overhang from the top story of the building in two locations.

FHMC17.64.070 Roof Pitch – A building height of 35 feet is allowed with a roof pitch of 8:12 or greater. The proposal seeks to apply the Tower incentive roof slope of 4:12 to the entire project.

The staff report: Town staff determined that the requested modifications to the Town of Friday Harbor development regulations are in compliance with the locally adopted Friday Harbor Municipal Code and recommends approval of the development with conditions.

1. A construction public right of way use plan addressing at a minimum lay down yard areas, construction worker parking, right-of-way closures, sidewalk closures, and security fencing be submitted for review and approval by the Town of Friday Harbor, at the time of application for construction permits.

2. A legal instrument preserving the public shoreline view areas, as described in FHMC section 17.32.060 View Protection Overlay District, used as mitigation of the project in perpetuity, unless the Friday Harbor Municipal Code is amended to not require public shoreline view protection.

3. The development agreement adds language that all of the FHMC applies except as modified by this agreement.

4. The draft development agreement shall be modified to reflect the Town Council approved dimensional deviations from design standards.

5. Frontage Improvements are required in accordance with the Town of Friday Engineering Design Standards in effect at the time of construction permits.

6. An agreed phasing schedule shall be added to the development agreement.

7. A view mitigation permit, as described in FHMC section 17.32.060(F), is obtained.

The top image shows the current look.

The bottom image shows the proposed changes, including building on the vacant corner lot.

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