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County's appeal of notice of violation for using town water to be rescheduled

Friday Harbor Town Council and Mayor Ray Jackson will figure out a time to reschedule San Juan County's appeal of a notice of violation. The county has been using town water for more than just the county Fair. The town says the two-inch water pipe was limited to providing water for use during the four days of the fair. 

The appeal hearing was scheduled for March 21, 2024. San Juan County Deputy Prosecutor Jon Cain told the council the 15 minutes allotted for the hearing was inadequate. Town Administrator Denise Kulseth explained that the 156 pages of documents the county provided at the previous administrative hearing had already been reviewed.

After a 45 minute discussion about how and when to proceed, it was agreed that staff will work on finding a date that will work for both parties. A time period of 90 minutes was discussed as a more adequate length of time. 

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