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Grange and Food Bank team up to add delicious local fruit to offerings

This is such a wonderful time of year on our island. It’s a time when the streets and stores quiet down, the island is blanketed in colors of red and gold, and the apples are ready for harvesting! For those of you with apple trees, you know that it’s sometimes hard to find a place to accept all those juicy morsels, but the Friday Harbor Food Bank eagerly opened their doors to all the island apples they could get their hands on.

In addition to being able to offer their customers deliciously nutritious Island apples, they teamed up with Nancy Best and the Grange to put their new food dehydrators to the test.

The Grange recently remodeled their building to include a full commercial kitchen which made it possible for volunteers from both organizations to come together and core, peel, and dehydrate around 800 pounds of Island apples and pears for the customers of the food bank, and we hope to continue this wonderful tradition.

This small act of kindness brought so many smiles to the customers at the Food Bank and proved to us that with the help of others, we can provide healthy local treats to our neighbors in need.

Thank you to Nancy, the Grange, and all the volunteers who helped us preserve and distribute these nutritious island gems to the good folks at the Friday Harbor Food Bank!

The Friday Harbor Food Bank wants to send an extra special thank you to all of our community members and organizations that contribute to the fight against hunger on San Juan Island! Happy Holidays!

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