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Celebrate fall - Participate in Friday Harbor's 4th annual Scarecrow Contest

Scarecrows from past Scarecrow Contests

The San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce and the Friends of the Library are sponsoring the 4th Annual SCARECROW CONTEST for the month of October.

The registration forms and FAQs for the scarecrows are available on the chamber's website. Or come by the Chamber office at 165 First Street to pick up the form. 

The set up for the scarecrows is between October 8 and 15 and need to be displayed around Town.

If you do not have a location to display your scarecrow, please contact the Scarecrow Hotline 360-378-5240 and we will do our best to work with you. Some businesses are not making scarecrows but would love to host yours.

Once all the scarecrows are registered and in place, the maps and ballots will be available at the San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce or available to be downloaded at www.sanjuanisland.org/scarecrow-contest after October 18th. There will be community judging between October 20th- 28th.

Direct link to registration form: https://sanjuanisland.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/Scarecrow-Contest-Registration-and-FAQs.pdf

If any questions please contact the Scarecrow Hotline at becki@sanjuanisland.org

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