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September 15: Street striping throughout Friday Harbor

Residents of  Friday Harbor are advised to drive carefully during town-wide street striping scheduled for Friday, September 15, 2023.  This schedule is subject to change as it is dependent on the completion of San Juan County road striping. 

Motorists should use caution when encountering road striping operations and must not drive across the wet paint stripes.  Tires will track wet paint across the roadway making the road look sloppy and shortening the lifespan of the striping.  Wet paint could also splash onto the vehicle.  Orange cones will signify freshly painted areas. 

Striping paint on vehicles should be pressure washed or cleaned with soap and water before it sets.  Avoid solvents or scouring as this could damage the vehicle’s finish. Tips are available online for how to safely remove road paint from vehicle.

The Town appreciates the public’s patience and courtesy toward striping crews.  Questions regarding this project may be directed to Town Hall at 378-2810.

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