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March 7-11: Outfall construction schedule for Friday Harbor

Redside Construction will be installing the 2,000 ft. long Town of Friday Harbor Outfall Pipe next week (March 7-11) which will involve the following activities:

Monday: A single guide pile will temporarily driven just outside the south breakwater close to the entrance of the marina. The pile will have reflectorized tape and pink ribbon on it and a white light at night. The pile will be there for approximately four days and will be removed on Thursday. Divers will be in the water at the entrance of the marina to assist in locating the pile.

Tuesday: The 2,000 ft pipeline will be towed from the south end of Friday Harbor, inside Brown Island and the inshore end will be connected to the south breakwater and the offshore end will be connected to an anchor approximately in line with the University of Washington facility. For Tuesday and Wednesday vessels desiring to enter the marina will have to pass east of the offshore end of the pipe and north of the pipe to enter the marina. The pipe will be clearly marked with red and black buoys during the day and will have reflectorized tape and flashing yellow lights at night.

Wednesday: The pipe will be pulled into the bore which means that there will be some vessel activity around the pipeline and it will be moving toward shore as it is advanced. Divers will be in the water close to the breakwater. If all goes well it will be fully installed by the end of the day.

Thursday: The 50 ft. long diffuser piece will be installed by the crane barge about 250ft outside the south breakwater so there will be some vessel and barge activity. Access to the marina will be inshore of the crane barge and divers will be in the water below the crane barge. The guide pile will be removed.

Friday: Offshore marine operations should be complete and uninterrupted access to vessel traffic restored.


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