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Town Administrator King Fitch is retiring

After serving as Town of Friday Harbor Administrator for almost one-fourth of its 102-year history, King Fitch is retiring as of June 1, 2012. He began his employment with the town began 25 years ago as a building inspector. The next year Mayor Jim Cahail selected Fitch to be the  administrator.

Accomplishments during his almost quarter of a century reign, include securing water rights for the town's future growth, implementation of the Growth Management Act, merging the town's fire department with the county's, expansion of the town's borders, purchase of property for expanded public works yard, and oversight of the replacment of the sewer plant, the submarine sewer line, Spring Street road improvements and many other public works projects.

Council members, residents, local business owners, staff and crew all have benefitted from and rely on King's steadying hand at the tiller," said Mayor Carrie Lacher. "Mr. Fitch can be proud of his accomplishments and the legacy of his tenure with the town."

By Town ordinance, the administrator is appointed by and serves at the will of the Mayor. They are working on a strategy and timeline for the upcoming transition.

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