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Lopez School vandalized early Sunday morning

Message from San Juan County Sheriff Eric Peter: Lopez Fire and EMS responded to a report of a fire alarm at the Lopez School  around 1:50 am on March 24, 2024 . Upon arrival they identified that this was a break-in, and no fire was present.

Deputies were called out to respond to the scene and reported to have observed the following. Entry appears to have been through an unlocked/open window, a fire extinguisher was discharged in the building, and some spray paint and marker graffiti was present. At this time, it appears the school has no video security cameras, and we currently have no witnesses to the incident.

The investigation is ongoing and if anyone has and information or possible leads, we encourage you to either contact Dispatch at the non-emergency number 360-378-4151, Sergeant Rory Smith, or one of the Lopez Deputies.

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