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County backs out of contract for Killebrew Road work; will come up with new plan


June 20, 2023 – San Juan County Council held a special meeting on Tuesday, June 20 to discuss the Bayhead Creek Culvert Replacement Project that necessitates the closure of Killebrew Lake Road. During this meeting, Council voted to direct staff to terminate the contract with the contractor and explore how to proceed with the project at a future date.

During the meeting, Council accepted public comment, the Public Works Director presented possible paths forward, and the Council discussed various options to satisfy both resident and infrastructure needs. Ultimately the Council voted to cease work on the Bayhead Creek culvert replacement project until a new approach can be researched, designed, and vetted.

As a result of this decision, Killebrew Lake Road will remain open throughout the summer of 2023.

The County is committed to maintaining public infrastructure for the safety of all users, being mindful of impacts to County residents, and encouraging public discourse and community involvement.


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