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Recap of Lopez Neighborhood Meeting Regarding the Relocation of Public Works Facilities

San Juan County Media Release: Monday, May 15, 2023 County Council Member Jane Fuller (District 3), County Manager Mike Thomas, and the Director of Public Works Colin Huntemer, convened a meeting with the neighbors of the MacKaye Harbor area. The group discussed the relocation of the Lopez Island Public Works operations from Fisherman Bay Road to Norman Road / 25 Calle Aguila on the south end of Lopez. 

Approximately 25 neighbors attended the meeting where the Director of Public Works provided further information about the relocation and answered questions from neighbors in the area. The County emphasized that the property at MacKaye Harbor will be in a period of transition for several years while Public Works operations are incrementally relocated from their current location along 2467 Fisherman Bay Road. Also discussed where some of the activities planned in the coming months, including:

  • Parking and accessibility improvements to the building located at 25 Calle Aguila.
  • Building storage sheds for hand tools, power tools, and other outdoor equipment and supplies.
  • Performing professional feasibility studies for long term water availability and storage.
  • Ongoing efforts regarding land use and conditional use permits for County operations.

Huntemer reiterated that the County has no plans to change the historical use, public access, and recreational enjoyment of the marine facility located at the end of Norman Road. Many of these topics were addressed in the Answers to ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ the County published on February 16, 2023.  

In the meeting, the County committed to maintaining open communication with the neighbors going forward so that their views and concerns can be heard and discussed. The names and contact information of the neighbors in attendance were collected so further communication can continue. 

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