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It's chip seal time: San Juan County to resurface more than 14 miles of road this summer

San Juan County’s Public Works Department will be chip sealing more than 14 miles of roads this summer as part of its annual summer road resurfacing schedule on San Juan, Orcas, and Lopez Island. Chip sealing is a pavement treatment that extends the life of the road surface.

Learn more by visiting the County Roads Program web page at https://www.sanjuanco.com/309/County-Roads and see the schedule and map below for a complete list of projects.

Sections of roads to be resurfaced this summer:

May 15-22 on SAN JUAN ISLAND:

Bailer Hill Rd

Beaverton Valley Rd

Shipyard Marina

June 5-6 on LOPEZ ISLAND:

Dill Rd

Kjargaard Rd

Fisherman Bay Rd

June 20-28 on ORCAS ISLAND:

Deer Harbor Rd

Dolphin Bay Rd

Orcas Rd

Gravel Pit Rd

This schedule is dependent on weather, among other factors, and may be subject to change. San Juan County asks drivers to exercise caution when traveling through construction zones and to plan extra time for their commute in case of delays.

Remember, please drive slowly on freshly surfaced chip seal roads:

For their safety: you are driving through an active construction zone - obey flaggers and posted traffic signs.

For your safety: during the first week excessive speeds may kick up loose rock into oncoming traffic.

It’s your road: chip seal overlays perform best when vehicle speeds are reduced while the pavement cures.

Wear and tear are natural for surfaces incurring regular traffic, harsh weather, and use by multi-ton vehicles. San Juan County develops and maintains a multi-year plan to preserve roads in the most cost-effective way and uses best practices to help keep rides smooth and safe for drivers.

Contact: Colin Huntemer, Director of Public Works, colinh@sanjuanco.com, (360) 370-0500

About San Juan County’s Public Works Department

The San Juan County Public Works Department’s mission is to steward San Juan County's public transportation infrastructure including roads, bridges, and numerous marine facilities among the islands. The department implements well-planned, environmentally sensitive, cost-effective infrastructure projects and services that support and enhance the quality of life for residents, businesses, and visitors. The department’s work promotes public health and safety, multi-modal transportation, economic vitality, scenic landscapes, and healthy waters and marine environments. For more information about San Juan County’s Public Works Department, visit www.sanjuanco.com/277/Public-Works .

2023 Chip Seal Road Map: Chip Seal 2023


  • Rita Weisbrod Friday, 05 May 2023 13:39 Comment Link Report

    Why no map of area to be covered
    on Bailer Hill Road?

  • Spain monson Thursday, 04 May 2023 22:01 Comment Link Report

    What about smuggler’s Cove and Wescott they haven’t been paved in more than 15 years

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