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Orcas and San Juan Island School District levies pass at nearly identical rates

12,001 ballots were mailed out to San Juan Island and Orcas Island registered voters for the February 13, 2024 Special Meeting. Each of the two districts was seeking a renewal of a levy. 

Both measures passed by 75% approval rate. 

San Juan Island School District   San Juan School District Capital Levy For School Facilities & Technology

Yes: 1,861  (75.84%)

No: 593 (24.16%)

Orcas Island School District Orcas School District School Programs and Operations Replacement Levy

Yes: 1,225  (75.57%)

No: 396 (24.43%)

4,080 ballots were counted as of 8 pm Tuesday, February 13. Approximately 300 remain to be counted. 

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