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Election results: Orcas Island fire levy defeated

Turnout was low for the August 1 Primary Election with 29.74% of ballots counted August 1. Approximately 600 ballots remain to be counted. There are 9,669 registered voters in San Juan County.

The voters in the Orcas Island Fire and Rescue district overwhelmingly turned down a request to increase the levy rate and to make the levy permanent. The vote was 1,060 against and 312 for.

In the Port Commissioner races it will be Rich Goodhart (373) and Greg Hertel (221)  vying for the vacant seat on the Port of Friday Harbor Commission. 

For the Orcas Port, Rick Fant (540) and Mia Kartiganer (500) will face off in the General Election. 

In the Orcas Fire District commissioner race, Kate Hansen (564) and Toni Knudsen (504) move on to the General Election.

Lopez Island School District will see either Sarah Murphy (644) or David Kester (112) joining the school board after the General Election.

More voter and election information, including county elections office locations, is available at sos.wa.gov/elections.

More information about San Juan County Elections is posted on the county's website.

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