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Last 4 Charter Amendments will not be put before voters

Following an executive session Tuesday, August 2, 2022, San Juan County Council voted unanimously to not forward the four remaining charter amendments to the county auditor for placement on the General Election ballot.

The Charter is reviewed every ten years by an elected volunteer Charter Review Commission. The commission's  recommendations are then placed before the voters. If the voters approve, the changes are made to the charter. 

Council member Jamie Stephens moved, seconded by Council member Cindy Wolf that the second batch of proposed amendments does not conform with the procedural requirements of the San Juan County Charter and that we will not be taking action to send these proposals to the auditor for placement on the November ballot. 

The four remaining amendments were: 

1. Establishing a New Position of Public Advocate for the Purpose of Helping Citizens Navigate the San Juan County Systems

2. Amending language in the County Charter to provide clarification regarding budget provisions for the Charter Review Commission (CRC), staff support requirements, and further resolution regarding the term length, procedures and duties of the CRC, and the role of the Prosecuting Attorney

3. Amending the current voting rules to include Ranked Choice Voting

4. Amending Signature Requirements Concerning Initiatives and Referendum


The six amendments in the first batch were voted on in the 2021 General Election, three were approved by voters.  

1. Intro to Charter - passed

2. Term limits - passed 

3. Climate and Environment Commission - rejected

4. Initiatives and Referendums (require fewer signatures) - rejected 

5. Non-discrimination - passed 

6. Justice and Equality Commission - rejected 

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