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San Juan County Seeks Pro & Con Committee Members for Voter’s Guide Pamphlet Statements

San Juan County is seeking volunteers to create supporting and opposing statements regarding a proposed road levy to place in the Voter’s Guide for the upcoming November 2022 General Election. The arguments will be published in the print and online versions of the Voters’ Pamphlet. 

San Juan County Council is expected to pass a resolution submitting a single year permanent county road levy lid lift to the voters in the November General Election. The resolution proposes to increase the county road levy from $0.56 cents to $1.00 per $1,000 of assessed value. The $0.44 cent increase is expected to generate an additional $4 million for the road fund which will support repairs and replacements of damaged culverts, updates to deteriorating marine facilities, and widening of shoulders for multi-modal transportation. 

Each committee may have up to three members, though members may seek the advice of any number of people to assist in developing the statements.  Each committee’s statement must be submitted to San Juan County Elections no later than August 9, 2022.  

If interested in serving on one of the committees, please contact Erin Wygant before August 2, 2022 at erinw@sanjuanco.com or 360-370-7404.  

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