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Election facts: Sgt Peter is not planning on firing staff; Sheriff Krebs took citizens on boat

It's that time of year again - Election season - and rumors are spreading. Regarding the election for San Juan County Sheriff, some people are spreading misinformation saying Sgt. Eric Peter will fire deputies if he is elected. 

Sgt. Peter says this is untrue. Think about it. It is very difficult for the Sheriff's Office to have a full staff. It's ludicrous to think any candidate would be planning to fire staff.

Another rumor, which turns out to be true involves Sheriff Ron Krebs inviting Nancy and Dave Honeywell and their grandchildren to go on the Sheriff's boat as it patrolled during the fireworks on the Fourth of July. The boat makes sure other boats don't get too close to the barge. 

Sheriff Krebs explained: Yes, the Honeywell’s and their grandkids were on the boat this year. I have had people out for six of the last seven years (the exception being the year Fire took the boat out). I have offered the boat ride that night up for auction to the Family Umbrella Group and recently to Victoria at the EDC to raise money for their fund since it was depleted from the fires. It is a good community outreach function. This year there were no auctions that took place and I know the Honeywells (they have won the auctions in the past and give a lot of money to not only the food bank but also Safe San Juans), so I offered it to them. It is a service I have offered in years past and will continue to offer.
David and Nancy Honeywell each donated $500 to Krebs campaign. The contributions were posted on July 10. 

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