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Watch Salish Sea Wild: Fishing for Dragons on YouTube

Join SeaDoc Science Director Dr. Joe Gaydos on a journey deep into the Fraser Valley where he must battle a prehistoric creature that also happens to be North America's largest freshwater and anadromous fish. In this epic fight to gather science, the creature's survival is guaranteed. But as for the scientist? Not so much.

SeaDoc Society's latest episode of Salish Sea Wild, Fishing for Dragons is all about white sturgeon. It's gonna be wild.

"There are still many mysteries about sturgeon migrations and spawning areas," said Dr. Joe Gaydos, Science Director at the SeaDoc Society. "Studies have shown signs that the Fraser River sturgeon could be headed for trouble, so if we're going to keep their population healthy, we'll need to answer all of these questions and more. To do that, scientists depend on the expertise of local fishing guides."

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