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Celebrate Earth Day by cleaning up the planet

PRESS RELEASE: For many years Friends of the San Juans has coordinated the spring South Beach Cleanup at American Camp, San Juan Island. This ongoing effort invites local community members and visitors to our beaches where they can enjoy the crunch of the sandy gravel under their feet, breathe the fresh air and hear the waves upon the shore as they pick up litter. This year, the cleanup takes place April 17. 


Volunteers can collect beach debris data on a survey form providing a fun and educational way to directly improve the health of our shorelines for people and wildlife. Join the effort and see what kinds of garbage we are finding on our shore. The printable data form is available online.


With more miles of shoreline than any other county in the United States and an economy directly linked to the health of our waters, it is important for all to learn more about our impacts to our shorelines and to participate in this and other litter pickup and prevention programs. Not all marine debris originates from ships at sea. Evidence from beach monitoring efforts around the globe indicate that a major component of marine debris actually comes from land-based sources, including stormwater, sewer overflows, and, recreational beach and river visitors.

Other Opportunities for cleanup efforts include:

  • Adopt a Roadside – On San Juan Island, call Lori at 378-4643 if you would like to adopt a road by joining the Anti-Litter Initiative's "Imagine No Litter" campaign.

Clean up on your own If you are cleaning up litter on your own, the garbage transfer stations on all the islands accept roadside and beach litter for free. They can tell the difference from personal garbage and litter.
For more information, call FRIENDS of the San Juans at 378-2319.

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