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5 year review of ESA classification of JKL pods announced

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration Fisheries announced a five-year review of Southern Resident killer whales under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). A five-year review is a periodic process conducted to ensure that the listing classification of a species is accurate. The review is based on the best scientific and commercial data available at the time of the review. NOAA is requesting submission of any such information on Southern Resident killer whales that has become available since their original listing as endangered in November 2005.

Based on the results of this five-year review, NOAA will make the requisite finding under the ESA. The Federal Register notice about this action will be available on the NOAA Fisheries Northwest Region Website.

Comments should be submitted by July 6, 2010, to allow adequate time to conduct this review. You may submit comments by e-mail to orca.plan@noaa.govMORE INFORMATION


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