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San Juan Island School District orders electric school bus; free lunch next year for all FHES students

LWVSJ Observer Corps summary of San Juan Island School Board, June 26, 2024 meeting. The superintendent reported that district staff will visit the Stuart Island school this July to look at maintenance needs and prepare for the coming school year.

The Transition to Kindergarten program is underway and ready for the new school year.

The district will order an electric bus which will be housed and charged at a location off of Beaverton Valley Road.

At this year’s graduation, $508,000 in local scholarships were given to graduating seniors.

The Board approved the Griffin Bay School Improvement Plan for 2024-25.

Enrollment for SJI School District ended the year with 24 enrollments over the 2023- 24 budget projection. Revenue was in line with the 2023-24 budget. The finance director presented the preliminary 2024-25 budget which was discussed by board members and the Superintendent. The final budget should be ready for review and approval at the July board meeting.

With state funding, next year they will serve free lunch to all elementary school students.

Director TJ Heller reported on school finance issues in the state. Most school districts are facing deep cuts in budgets and programs and levy or bond measures have failed in many districts. SJI district has raised the funds they need thanks to continued support from the community.

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