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Nurse assistants class leads directly to local jobs

Peace Island Hospital's need for nurses assistants and a new class at Friday Harbor High School means employment for locals.

The students, made up of both adults and youth, meet Wednesday evenings and many Sundays, acquiring the skills for state certification.

Supporting every branch of medicine, certified nurses assistants are the backbone of the health care profession. This certification is required for advancement in the nursing field.

While the class was timed to allow PeaceHealth hire locall, it also helps the convalescent center meet future employment requirements. In addition, there are often nursing assistants opportunities at the Village at the Harbour, adult family homes, home health care programs and Hospice.

The Friday Harbor High School class is notable in its breadth of support. Partners include Aaron Marson at the Life Care Centers of America (the convalescent center), Charlie Anderson of the San Juan Island Community Foundation, and Jim Barnhart of PeaceHealth and Peace Island Hospitals.

With the expanding health care opportunities on San Juan Island, organizers hope this partnership will lead to a more formal set of educational programs involving Skagit Community College or Bellingham Technical College.

Contact Larry Wight, San Juan Island School District 360.622.6586 for more information about this class or these future programs.


Class picture on the hospital bed courtesy of Life Care Centers of America. Left to Right: Bottom Row, Sarah Clark, Roxanne Borman, Sofya Prewitt, Ciara Jimenez, Sophia Treleven, Chandra Crawford. Top Row, Blythe Parker, Nancy Wilson, Dylan Demaris, Nelson Wynn, Mindy Brandli, Levin Demaris, James Bryner, RN (instructor) Not shown: Elizabeth Taylor, Cheryl Bryner(volunteer assistant instructor)

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