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SJISD Superintendent's Report by Rick Thompson

I am just coming back from an excellent trip to Stuart Island where two students are deeply engaged in their work with teacher Cheryl Opalski. My observation was rewarding, especially to see student growth in literacy. Teachers matter.


This month our district is reviewing our K-12 math program in such areas as curriculum, instruction, resource allocation, and relevance. Following a series of meetings, action steps will be developed to help our staff and students meet learning goals.

All schools in the district are meeting federally defined progress goals under the 2002 No Child left Behind Act. We recently found out that Friday Harbor High School has been identified as a top performing AP high school in our state. Congratulations to our high school students and to our staff members.

A fond farewell to school board members Boyd Pratt, Heidi Lopez and David McCauley for their individual service on the board and for their collective insight and instruction on how to steer the school district through difficult economic waters. A reception will be held in their honor at 5:30 p.m. October 26, in the Friday Harbor High School library

I also want to give a big thanks to the parent volunteers at Friday Harbor Elementary School who are assisting the staff with a wide variety of tasks.

The district is looking into the feasibility of changing sports classifications since Friday Harbor High School is at the low end of 1A enrollment.

Finally, my hat is off to a diverse group of staff and citizens who have taken the initiative to review the needs of district facilities. Their work is designed to bring forth a responsible recommendation for a February 14, 2012 Capital and Technology Levy.

Thanks also to so many of you for donating to the San Juan Public Schools Foundation’s annual phone-a-thon.

Please let me know how our schools are doing.

Rick Thompson

Superintendent of Schools

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