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Kyle Dodd and Lainey Volk honored at 2023 San Juan Island EMS Awards and Recognition

Each year we honor several members of our agency who provided exceptional service. The most prestigious award is the EMT of the Year, which is voted on by the entire membership of San Juan Island EMS. For the year 2023, Lieutenant Kyle Dodd was honored by his peers for the EMT of the Year. 

Kyle Dodd and Lainey Volk

Lieutenant Dodd has been a volunteer with San Juan Island EMS for six years, and also volunteers as a firefighter. In his day job, he is in leadership at San Juan County Health and Community Services.  

It was said of Lt. Dodd that he is much like Clark Kent – you might not notice him, but when you need him, he shows up, just like superman. Whether it’s a major rescue, CPR event, car accident, pediatric call, or we just need more hands to help move someone, Lt. Dodd is there for us and for this community. His quiet but confident leadership has been a steady hand whenever we have needed him. 

Each year, it is the Chief’s privilege to honor an exceptional member of San Juan Island EMS for the Chief’s Award. For the year 2023, Lainey Volk was selected. Lainey retired at the end of 2023 following 33 years of service to our community and our agency. It is impossible to quantify how much her service helped build this agency and just how many lives she touched through her service. 

We would like to thank all of the staff and volunteers at San Juan Island EMS who contribute countless hours and work, whether on duty or off, to serve this community.