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August 1: Vaccine clinic reservations open at 10 a.m; 1,866 COVID cases in San Juan County since beginning of pandemic, vaccination info

As of July 31, 2022 according to the San Juan County Health and Community Services COVID dashboard, there have been 1,866 cases in San Juan County since the first case was reported in March 2020.  There have been 996 on San Juan Island, 562 on Orcas Island, 289 on Lopez Island, 9 on Shaw Island, 10 on outer islands.

Actively Monitored Cases are those cases involving confirmed positive individuals who are still in the infectious period of their illness, are required to remain in isolation, and are being carefully monitored by San Juan County public health staff. As of July 14, there are five such cases on  Lopez Island,  12 on Orcas Island, and 11 on San Juan Island.


San Juan County Health and Community Services will be releasing additional COVID-19 appointment times at 10 a.m. August 1.

Morning appointments will be reserved for children who are 6 months through 5 years of age; afternoon appointments will be available for 1st, 2nd, and booster COVID-19 vaccine doses for all ages. However, if our appointments are filled for the month, we encourage you to reach out to your local pharmacy to inquire about COVID-19 vaccine availability.

Novavax is now available for those 18 and older who have not started a primary series (or have started the series with Novavax). 

If you are looking to schedule your child (18 years and under) for their COVID-19 vaccine or any other routine vaccinations please see our availability at our Vaccines For Children clinics by clicking HERE.

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